Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is the authorized practice of testing a computer system, network or the web application to expose vulnerabilities that an offender could take advantage of this process is generally then followed by vulnerability analyses that carries detailed analysis of computer, network, or communications infrastructure conducted with the aim to define, identify and classify the security loopholes or vulnerabilities.

Why ?

A Vulnerability Assessment identifies and reports vulnerabilities, whereas a Penetration Testing attempts to exploit vulnerabilities to determine malicious activity is possible. This process involves capturing information about target, figuring out possible entry factors and report back the findings password analysis, quantify network-based attacks, Device-level security analysis etc.


  • To confirm security policy of company are effective
  • Helps in improving reputation with clients and assists authorities to carryout safe business
  • Cost effective in regards to checking vulnerabilities in new software before launching it
  • Increase Business Continuity
  • Protect clients, partners, and third parties
  • Protection from financial damage


  • To ensure implemented Controls are updated and up to the mark
  • Helps in educating employees to rectify their mistakes
  • Cyber-defense capability of organization is checked
  • Running of unnecessary, potential dangerous services are checked