COBIT, which stands for Control Objectives for Business and Related Technology refers to a structured set of tools and framework that streamline all aspects of strategic IT management in an organization.

Why companies depend on us for the top of the line COBIT consulting?

DGCS provides comprehensive COBIT consulting, including seamless implementation of the system while minimizing business risks, technical glitches, and control requirements.

COBIT presents enormous benefits for companies by enabling efficient IT control practices, compliance with regulatory guidelines and clear policy development procedures. DGCS goal is to help your organization harness the maximum value gained through IT with accurately implemented COBIT standards. Through our top of the line services, organizations can look forward to gaining effective and efficient evaluation and monitoring of its IT environment. This, in turn, augments the organizations operational capacity and expedites realization of business objectives.

How can we help you with COBIT Audit procedure ?

DGCS is in possession of the latest insights on COBIT audit procedures. We can provide guidance for organizations in leveraging COBIT systems in IT audit management. The streamlined system can be integrated with the company’s general audit process. An organization should consistently and constantly maintain audit procedures to meet desired business objectives. According to audit guidelines, a company should align business activities to correspond with high standard IT control guidelines. Through COBIT, organizations gain the benefit of analyzing, assessing, interpreting and implementing an efficient internal audit procedure.

DGCS is the pioneering service provider for COBIT info.

Are you in the process of implementing COBIT in your company? If you have questions about seamless integration into an existing management framework contact us for more COBIT info on how you can adapt the control sets to meet your company objectives best. Our experts are geared with professional and hands-on experience in helping companies implement customized COBIT control and processes. Our COBIT implementation approach.

Our services are rendered by COBIT specialists with industry-wide experience and professional know-how in IT service management and best practices. We have the expertise in helping companies develop, establish, implement and audit IT governance policies. Our COBIT services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the legal framework, policy governance, IT audits and integration into business processes. Our consultants can help your organization implement a customized COBIT system with selected controls and processes backed by relevant documentation.