Advisory/Consulting Services

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA was legislated in 1996 in order to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality of patient information in the healthcare sector. Compliance with this act is governed by the US federal law. The available patient information is protected through this act on both physical and electronic levels. HIPAA Consulting by CUNIX A breakthrough service DGC assists both domestic and international companies to comply with relevant HIPAA regulations as made mandatory through the US act. DGC has experienced consultants who partner with the client in guiding them achieve HIPAA compliance. For Indian companies, this act has vital implications as it also requires Indian business companies partnering or associating with US entities now to be HIPAA compliant. US companies face heavy penalties in the event of non-conformity with HIPAA compliance guidelines. Therefore, US companies are very particular about their overseas business associates being HIPAA compliant. Despite enormous cost and skill benefits these companies receive through an Indian partnership, a US company would think twice before partnering with an Indian company with HIPAA non-compliance. It is obvious that HIPAA compliance plays an important role in determining the future success of Indian companies in international business dealings.